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First song on newgrounds. I love you guys.

2010-07-21 12:57:38 by AuditorionxXx

Today i posted my first song on newgrounds. It was a soundscape for a religion project for school. My teacher hated it and thought it was a joke. She thought it was me just diddling on the guitar instead of spending over 20 hours equalizing and mixing sounds together. I then showed it to the class Left it on her desk. Arrived for my last day at school before summer then she said she "Lost it " therefore it is incomplete.... Fml

First song on newgrounds. I love you guys.


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2010-07-21 13:23:00

How old are you? That profile picture makes you look stupid and pathetic.

AuditorionxXx responds:

your a cheese mold ;)


2010-07-21 15:57:09

Nice blog picture.... NOT! Jk joey, cant wait for the song!